10 Signs He’s Cheating


Research reveals that 50 to 60 percent of married men engage in sex with other partners during their marriage. Often their wives have no clue that they were cheated on.  If you want to protects yourself from broken heart just watch these signs to make sure. Do you know how cheater looks like?  Here are 10 warning signals he is ready to cheat… or that he already is.


1.He cheated before (not only on you)

If your relationship started with him cheating with you there are reasons to think about that. Past cheating behavior can make you aware of future behavior.



2.He is a narcissist

People who are in love with themselves feel like they deserve to have more than all other people. Cheating is the way to play not by the rules. Is that your case?



3.He has no sense of guilt

Men who don’t feel guilty for doing something wrong are the best candidates for cheating.  Nothing to hold them back from falling into infidelity.



4.He’s an excellent liar

If he can lie about anything in his life why can’t he lie to you? The hardest thing is to catch him lying which can be unbelievably hard.



5.He learned it at home

If one or both of his parents were unfaithful, then he could think that is perfectly normal to do it. Family patterns of course may change but it’s your job to make sure.



6.He recently lost his job

You may think it is unrelated but your man may look for some confirmation that he is important. The way that he may find is to boost his self-esteem with an affair.



7.He is spending less time with you

You do one thing and instead of  sharing a moment with you he prefers to do something different. Staying up late, staying on internet for hours, leaving late from work.  If distance is spreading between you then he might be thinking to look for somebody else.



8.He is being less affectionate

Perhaps you are not that romantic anymore. Or his habit to kiss you goodbye fade away. Or way less intimacy. That may happen that he is giving his affections to somebody else.


9.His computer habits have changed

Trust is very important but when he created new email account and started to clear his search history you have to beware. If he is not sharing some part of his life with you that may be very suspicious.



10. His cell phone habits have changed

Password on his new phone may be a red flag. If he is afraid to leave his phone unattended and keeps it close something is not clear there. Random calls and texts which make him leave the room may be a really good signal.

It is hard to deal with infidelity but you have to be clear with your beloved. You don’t want to be heartbroken. Solve the problem before it becomes a catastrophe.