Being a celebrity


Celebrities… celebs…superstars… all these are nothing else but synonyms of a person who is the idol, the role model, of millions across the globe. Well, in fact more than an idol, s/he is a god for them… maybe even more than that!

A celebrity is not someone special who came from some other planet of this universe and  who has some special skills, talent, tricks, powers… whatever you may call it, no that’s not who a celebrity is. A celebrity is a person alike to others. Just like others every celebrity had his/her own dreams… his/ her own fantasy and just like others S/he wished with all his/her heart for his/ her dreams to come true one day. The only difference between a celebrity and a common person is that his/her dreams actually came true… the only difference is that they somehow managed to convert their lavish fantasies into their everyday reality.

And maybe that’s what turns a simple celebrity, someone who is just like the rest in many aspects, into a god of millions because unlike ours, their wishes were actually granted… what they once dreamt of is what they live everyday unlike us who just like them had those lavish dreams of big villas with a lavish pool in its backyard, of designer clothes and shoes, of money, of power, of fame, of popularity, of what not; yes we all did dream of all this or at least some of it just like the celebs did and we all were even foolish enough to believe that someday, someone will hear all our prayers and someday He will sway that magic wand and all our wishes will be granted. Well, that someone somewhere did listen.

The magic wand did sway but not for us, for those lucky few whom we know as the high profile celebs. Maybe that’s what about them inspires up, gives us a ray of hope in the time of distress, enlightens this feeling within us that if their dreams can come true so can ours, makes us look up to them, them who are the living examples of our shattered hopes and foolish dreams.

But don’t be fooled, their luck may have been with them all the way but it’s their hard work and dedication which ultimately paid off. Millions across the world aspire of becoming celebs, thousands actually try hard to be on that A list of people, hundreds lose faith and give up but only a few blossom into big time celebrities. Those few are the ones who had that burning desire in them which nobody could manage to put off, they are the ones who kept their mind strong and steady during the times of struggle, the ones who worked harder than the rest, the ones who ultimately turned out to be the best at what they do.

Being a celeb may seem to be the best option of living one’s life if given a choice and no doubt indeed it is. But being a celebrity is not easy. A celeb’s life is somewhat like a burning flame which looks pretty when viewed from a distance but which burns on coming near. The ones whom we look up to have made uncountable sacrifices to be at that position at every front be it their personal life, professional life, love life etc. etc. Sacrifices which we can never dream of. Sacrifices which are harsh enough to break a person forever. Only those who are strong enough to commit to this life of sacrifices, who are ready to put everything else in the second gear, who are ready to work hard 26 hrs out of those 24 hrs each day with honest dedication are the ones who are rewarded with that glamorous life of a celeb.

And that just gives us another reason to look up to them…