Top 5 Manicure Mistakes That Most People Makes


No matter, you are expert enough in filing and polishing your nails, it does not mean that you do it correct always. Following are the 5 manicure mistakes that most people make and the tips to do it correctly:


Prepare your nail before starting:

A lot of people usually forgot to prepare their nails before starting the manicure. Take a piece of cotton, soak it in the nail remover and gently wipe it over the bed of the nail. This act will help you remove any debris and oil from your nail before applying nail polish.

Cut your cuticles:


Cutting your own cuticles by yourself makes them worse – therefore it is better to leave this job to the experts. Revlon Cuticle Softener is the best choice in this regard that removes dead skin cells from the nail.

Forgets to apply base and upper coat:

This is also the most crucial thing that many people usually forget.  Never make this mistake – by applying base your nails will save from any kind of stains and gives them a quality finish like a salon, while the upper coat keeps your nail polish long lasting. `

Paint polish unevenly:

In order to apply your nail polish evenly and give it a streak-free look applies it in 3 strokes; the first is in the center, then on the other sides.

Properly remove the polish:

There are a lot of nail colors that are difficult to remove at home. In order to remove the nail color completely soak the cotton in nail remover and put it on the nails and leave for two minutes, this will remove the nail polish completely, then wipe the cotton pad from your finger. Then finish it by lightly buffing your nails with a buffing block as this will remove the remaining nail color particles.

Above are top five mistakes that many people made while doing manicures. By reading the above articles carefully, you will be able to do the best manicure even at home without any professional advice.