Top 5 Tips That Make You look gorgeous


Well, it’s so exciting that you have finally decided to look beautiful and gorgeous. All you need now is to accept that a lot of people among us are completely aware about tips on starting a good make up. You don’t have to worry now because this article sheds light on some beauty tips that makes you look more gorgeous.


Use of Eyeliners:


Does your eyeliner run or fade and does not stay in its place all day long? If yes, then follow the simple step. After applying eyeliner, apply the same color eye shadow with a thin makeup brush over the eyeliner, this will not run or fade your eyeliner whole day long. But make sure to not to apply eyeliner that is oil-based.

Never ignore yourself:


Make sure to never neglect your needs. Leaving behind everything, make sure the first thing you do after you wake up is to pamper yourself. Soon after leaving bed, wash your hands and face, brush your teeth and hair. Never ever ignore yourself.

Use of Eyelash curler:


False eyelashes may fall anytime, therefore instead of using false eyelashes it is better to use a curler for curling eyelashes. These curlers by curling your eyelashes make them appear bigger. But it’s better to use these curlers before you apply mascara, or if you have already applied it, make sure to apply it again.

Purified water and peppermint oil:


Purified water and peppermint oil are used as a non-alcohol mouthwash. This mouthwash is much better than those mouthwashes available in the market.

Decrease your pore size:

Pore size is one of the most common problems of every woman, but this can be cured. The main reason of open pores is genetics and age; you can decrease the size of the pores by going to the spa or dermatologist. There they give you a treatment of Microdermabrasion which removes the upper layer of the dead skin and also decrease the pore size.