True or Not True? Common Beauty Myths Exposed!


We don’t learn from our experiences all the times. There are things which we assume to be true just because we have been hearing about them from our ancestors. It’s good to learn from others’ experiences but not always it works. There are some common facts about beauty which we believe just because we heard about them so. Like,


MYTH No:1-Hair grows faster in summer season.

MYTH NO:2-French Fries, pizza, cheese or chocolates cause acne.

MYTH NO:3-Split ends can be evicted by using the products.

Hair grows faster in summer season


They say that in summer, hair growth becomes almost 2 times faster than winter. Hair becomes shiny, strong and thick. OR if we take it oppositely, we will say that there is much hair fall in winter season. This is only a MYTH and that’s not true that the seasons affect your hair growth. The fact is that you drink lots of water, juices and fruit intake is excessive in summer season. That is why your hair gets a proper diet so they become good and healthy. Whether in winter, your intake of fluids is lesser, so hair starts drying and thinning.

French Fries, pizza, cheese or chocolates cause acne


Some girls will avoid taking even a single slice of pizza or a bite of chocolate saying that it will cause pimple on their skin. That is also a MYTH and of course it’s not true. You might have heard that excess of everything is bad. The relation between junk food and acne is a different one than we assume. It’s all about out dietary intake. If we are taking junk food daily, we are not providing a good meal for our skin to make it strong. As a result, it will be unable to fight with acne. Junk food every day will make you pay for this but taking it off and on will cause no harm to our skin.

Split ends can be evicted by using the products


With extremely sorry to all brands who guarantee to evict split ends, we are telling you a secret that no matter how costly you have bought some shampoo or oil to get rid of split ends, it is in vain. All of them are telling you fake tales only. Split ends can neither be repaired nor evicted by using any product. The only way to get rid of it is to cut it off. Split ends are the dead part of hair which has gone through many damaging things like sun rays, styling or heating. So it is dead and dead cannot be alive again. You can use lotions or serums which will make your hair look healthier but of course that doesn’t mean that its healed.

Keep checking for more beauty myths exploration because we love revealing 🙂