Want to take Care of Your Rebonded Hair But How?


Hair are the weakness of the women that motivate them to try new ways to look different with new hair style and treatment. Women who have long and straight hair feel more blessed than those who have curly and dull hair. They can use anything for hair styling. So, the women that have curly hair take rebonding treatment to make their hair straight. The concept of rebonding is not yet too old but when it came it managed to grasp the attention of many women, especially those who were tired of their ugly look due to rough and curly texture of hair.



Rebonded hair treatment is better than to use the straightener daily but this treatment needs some extra care to get a long lasting effect. Sometimes the money which you spend on rebonding treatment gives no result because of not proper care.

Some precautions to take care of rebonded hair are:

  1. Wash your hair three days after the rebonding. It can remove its effect.
  2. Don’t apply oil or any other hair related products like hair sprays before three days.
  3. Don’t apply other hairstyle techniques on newly rebonded hair. It can lose the hair strength easily.


Care of rebonded hair can be ensured by:

  1. Applying oil before taking a routine bath. It will make your hair shinny and strong.
  2. Use hair conditioner of famous brand that suits with the nature of your hair. Don’t use the products that have chemical in them.
  3. Add iron supplements in your diet with green vegetable that helps you to get long lasting hair strength.
  4.  Don’t use too hot or too cold water when you are washing your hair. It can reduce the strength and can cause hair fall.
  5.  Use natural hair mask after one week of egg or yogurt.
  6.  Don’t apply any chemical dye or hair spray. It can damage your hair easily.

These are some of the golden tips which must be followed if you want to overcome the side effects of rebonding. I am sure that if you follow all the instructions then your hair can be remain straight and healthy for a long time without any damage.