5 Tips to Pick Perfect Perfume (#)



Hunting for a new spring scent? Follow our help guide before sniffing at your next one.



It might be invisible, but perfume plays a vital part in your daily life. ‘A beauty regime should cause you to feel confident and prepared during the day, and choosing the right scent for you may only enhance these feelings,’ states John Stephen, master perfumer in the Cotswold Perfumery. Well if the expert says it then it has to be right isn’t it …

Research from Charles College in Prague implies that we’re attracted to fragrances that complement our very own unique natural smells, which basically proves that selecting perfume as a present for other people could be such a daunting task.


But just choosing an aroma for your family members isn’t the only tricky part, treading shops looking for your personal signature scent is yet another mind-dazzling affair, similar to the harrowing look for the right set of jeans.

Listed here are our golden rules for sniffing at your new favourite scent effortlessly.


Go seasonal:

You do not put on exactly the same outfit throughout the year, then why do you want to put on exactly the same perfume?
‘You must have a perfume for winter, summer time, day and evening – but most importantly, to mirror your mood,’ discloses John (the expert).n we couldn’t agree more!!


Wear it right:

Do you have a tendency to just sprits your perfume over your neck and under your arms and thinking your job is done? Well, time to wake up as your job is no way near done. Taking careful goal can make a big difference.

‘The best spot to put on your scent is in your pulse points: your neck, your arms and behind your legs,’ describes John. ‘These places all produce natural warmth which helps to produce the scent during the day.’ Now we have a scientific theory to support our tip as well.


Know your type:

It’s very easy to feel compelled by manipulative sales agents, we have all been there, done that. So narrow your choices before going towards the stores.

‘Decide the classification first – eco-friendly, floral, aldehydic (bitter), chypre (heavy), oriental, fougere (masculine), or citrus,’ tips John. ‘Ask for proven fragrances that fall under your classification, test them out in writing first and narrow it lower to 2.’

Perfume – how to choose the right one

Spend some time:

Our unique biological make-up implies that perfume will smell different on everybody, so sniffing alone doesn’t really indicate whether a specific scent will fit you or otherwise. After you’ve narrowed down the candidates, test each scent in your wrist.

‘Put one on each wrist after which leave. Permit them to settle lower, simply because they can change depending on the skin type. Have sufficient time and if necessary, use them again the following day before determining,’ states John.


Make it last:

Perfume is easily available in various concentrations from mild to normal to heavy. There’s eau de perfume, then eau de toilette – the least heavy from the three.

‘A perfume is a mix of top, middle and base notes, and it is the bottom notes that linger,’ states John. ‘So, if you would like your perfume to last, it has to have a superior proportion of base notes. It’s as easy as that.’


Finally the tutorial is over…but your exams are yet to be conducted! So leave everything, just rush to your nearest store and start sniffing your future scent… we hope you’ll pass with flying colors.