6 Cool Ways To Rock You Plaits (Tutorial & Examples)


PLAITS!  Whenever you hear someone saying this word, do you instantly get reminded of those oily hair you once used to had locked up in those tight pigtails which looked… well disastrous!? I am sure you do but not anymore. Gone are the days when plaits were considered low class and disastrous, gone are the days when they were a matter of great shame, gone are the days of those boring pigtails. Plaits and braids are in – and there’s so many ways to wear them. Forget pigtails, plaits just got super sophisticated.



We saw them everywhere, from neatly rolled pleats at Fendi to tightly woven braids at Pucci to romantic chignons at Marc Jacobs – the catwalk made it clear – plaits are where it’s at. At last – plaits have now turned into a runway inspired hairstyle we’ve had years of practice with!

From halo braids, to French plaits to plaited buns, twisted tresses and fishtails, we’ve rounded up the top hair styles with braids and plaits. It’s time to get inspired, and start braiding that barnet.


In this article we will be telling you how to tie your hair in those oh-so-easy yet so sophisticated plaits and add that subtle hint of sexiness in your overall look. So let’s have a glance…

Well everyone knows how to make simple fishtails, French plaits etc. etc so skipping the basics what we here is a simple twist on a Dutch braid. A Dutch braid is the reverse of a French braid, where instead of crossing your hair over each other, you bring them under. This leaves the braid on top so you can see the shape. It is a great hairstyle to keep your hair off your neck in summer.

Here’s all you need to do:

Step 1: Brush your hair – you want to remove any knots or tangles before you start to braid.

Step 2: Start on the right (or left if you prefer!) – I’ll explain as if you’re on the right, but pick whichever side you part your hair. Take a large section above your right ear and split into three.

Step 3: To make a Dutch braid, cross the right piece under the centre section. Then bring the left piece under the right.

Step 4:  Next add more hair to each section as you braid. Try to add in even amounts on both sides so you keep the braid shape equal.

Step 5: Keep braiding, bringing the right section under the centre, and the left under the right. When you run out of hair to add in, bring your right hand around to the front and braid to the end of your hair.

Step 6: Secure the braid with a small clear elastic and then stretch out your braid.

Et voila you have it… the super sexy Dutch braid.
You can do this hairstyle in wet or dry hair too. The bonus in wet hair is you’ll have great beach waves when you take your hair out later. Just add a spritz of sea salt spray and your ready to go out again.



So with this simple step you are ready to be the centre of attraction. Below are some more cool ways to flaunt your hair…take a look!