How To Do Autumn Leaves Nail Art (30 Examples)

Ask a woman and she will tell you that having her nails done gives her sense of being stylish and confident. Nail art has now become so advanced that you can go for any style that you want on your nails and you are sure to find the implements and accessories required to make this happen. In this article we will be telling you how to create a marbled effect for you nails. Then you can add leaves and create an autumn like effect. You do require some patience, some skills at drawing, a steady hand and three colors to do this.


Getting started on your marbles autumn leaves nail art:

You will require the following:

  • A base coat of polish
  • A yellow colored nail paint
  • Darkish red colored nail paint
  • A black colored nail paint
  • A Qtip or a bit of cotton attached to the end of a thin stick
  • Nail paint remover
  • A few bits of crunched up plastic sheets or polythene

The method:

  1. Paint the nails with a basecoat of polish. Allow the base coat of polish to dry completely and then apply a double coat of yellow color.
  2. Let the yellow polish dry completely before you go to the next step. Now put on a thin coat of red polish with a single swipe
  3. The nest step has to take place at once and this entails taking the crumpled bit of polythene and patting it on the color.
  4. You will see that some parts of the nail paint will come off as you pat it and this will produce a marble like look which is what we are looking for.
  5. But make sure that you do not remove too much of the color and if you do, then apply a thin coat of read again and use the crumpled plastic once more. Try and use a new bit of plastic the next time around so that the effect is neat. Also proceed one nail at a time. This way you will have a good marbling effect. You will see that the marbling effect using this method is foolproof and the results quite spectacular. It will take you back to your childhood memories of having played with crayons and colors.


A useful hint: You can make use of more colors like orange, green, brown or golden hues too with this nail art. But do take care to apply a single color and then proceed with the marbling. Once this is absolutely dry then  work with the next color. The results from this will really speak for themselves


The final steps: With the marbling effect completed, you can move on to the leaves for the autumn look. You may use acrylic colors for this if you want, but black nail paint also works. Take a nail brush that will enable you to draw and draw a few leaves in a random pattern. This is painstaking work and you need to do it carefully.

Now clean any nail paint marks that are out of the line using the Q tip after having immersed it gently in the nail paint remover. Be careful not to disturb the art that you done on your nails. Finish of all this hard work you have put in on the nail art by applying a top coat. This will seal the art in and will ensure that the nail art lasts a bit longer. Once you do this and notice the way people admire your nails, you will realize that it was all worth the effort. Here are some example for Autumn Leaves Nail Art:
























































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