How to Get Your Hands on a Stunning iPhone Wallpaper?


People are always updating their phone’s wallpapers and beautifying their backgrounds with these incredible and awe-inspiring images that come to life when displayed on their lock screen or home screen. With exemplary phone specifications and advanced display options, the iPhone has achieved a more sophisticated and enhanced experience. It all boils down to how good the display features are. It takes the gaming, voice chatting, movie viewing and multi-touch experience to a whole new dimension. When you add a new Retina HD display to the mix, it blows out every next thing that comes to its competition.



The iPhone 6 range comes with resolutions of 1334 × 750 (iPhone 6) and 1920 × 1080 (iPhone 6 Plus). Apple has given special attention to its display by the introduction of Retina HD screen and an increased resolution. It also has a higher contrast, dual domain pixels, and an improved polarizer in its innovations for its phones. ‘By far these are the thinnest, most advanced Multi-Touch displays ever made,’ proudly stated by Apple Inc.

An eye-catching and spectacular collection of iPhone wallpaper is on exhibit at WLPPR. What’s new about WLPPR compared to the rest of the wallpaper apps is that it extracts aerial images of the Earth and it also has a small section on Mars too. Though they don’t have a large collection of wallpapers, the existing images are free and striking.

The impressive thing about WLPPR is that they showcase all images as cropped sections of the actual Earth and Mars taken from space by satellites. iPhone users are not dismayed as the website makes images available in 3 different resolutions for the iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Android users haven’t been left out either as these pictures will look equally gorgeous on Android phones too.

For the curious customers, if you want to inquire further about the origins of the exact section of Earth the satellite has taken, WLPPR has provided direct links to NASA, ESA, and Yandex. The pictures are also accompanied by a detailed background information for every photo. WLPPR is a venture of Sergey Minkin, who is a user interface designer for the Russian internet company, Yandex. Judging by its raving success and popularity, Minkin has promised a WLPPR mobile app soon to touch the markets. For now, customers will have to resort to its website for these remarkable images.

So how do you get access to these images? From your iPhone, click on and you can select any image that mesmerizes you and download it by downloading the link specific to your iPhone model. Once downloaded, the image will appear, press it for a while and save it to your Photos app. Go to the Photos Gallery and select option for displaying it as a lock screen or home screen. Now you can enjoy incredible and bare images of the Earth, which are enhanced by HD features containing an impeccable amount of detail and color.