Tips and Method to Use Hair Rollers

Curly hair styles are now very much in fashion because they look pretty amazing and cool. During Hollywood film festival all actresses had different, soft, wavy and curly hairstyles. Curly hair are an advantage especially for those women who have less volume of hair. Women you don’t have curly hair and their volume is less, can easily adopt it by applying rollers. There are many types of rollers that are available in the market. These are found in almost every size.


Hair rollers can give better results than other hot hair tools because they are less damaging and can give a long lasting style. The size of roller depends on the hair volume. Small rollers can give you tight curls, but large rollers give you a loss curls.

Tips Before Using Rollers:

  • If you have thick hair, then thick divides them into equal parts according to the size of the rollers.
  • Use Velcro rollers if your hair is smooth because tangles can be avoided with these.
  • Use large rollers if you want to get fewer curls with waves.
  • Before applying rollers, wash your hair with the conditioner to give them some smoothness.
  • Your hair should be completely dry before using rollers.
  • To get best finishing results you can use hot rollers.


Method to Apply Rollers:

  1.      Brush your hair completely until they look smooth.
  2.       Divide them into equal sections.
  3.       Apply rollers from roots of the hair to the tips tightly. Use hair pins and tissue papers to hold your hair.
  4.      Let your hair dry by using a dryer.
  5.      If they are heating rollers, then remove them until they become cool.
  6.      After 15 minutes, remove the rollers.
  7.      Use hair spray to give a long lasting finishing effect to rollers.
  8.     If your hair is rough and dry, then apply hair serum.
  9.      Use your fingers and hairpins to give further style to your hair.



Following all these steps can help you get soft look with large volume of hair at home in only 20 minutes. But use the rollers that suits the quality of your hair. As for dry hair, heat rollers are most damaging. If you are invited on a party, then try a new hairstyle with these rollers. It will add something good in your looks with a soft makeup.