Back Dimple Piercing (10 Examples)


Piercing… Something which has gone wild in today’s time. Everyone around you is just trying to be ‘cool’, to fit into the group they try almost everything (sometimes really weird things too). Piercing has really taken up today, with almost 10 out of the 100s seen in piercing.


Back dimples are located on the lowest part (either side) of the body just above the hips. Back dimple piercing have been called the number of things but the most popular nickname for back dimple piercings is typically referred to as the ‘dimples of Venus’ or sometimes all other words called ‘sacral dimples’. This trend becomes cooler and cooler, and piercing more famous, people are looking into new places to be pierced into. Women as we all know are fashion freaks; the Back Dimple piercing has taken up really well among them. It is an amazing spot to be pierced upon and can be flaunted when women wear their low-waist jeans. So many young ladies, nowadays, are wearing more and more of low-waist jeans, shorts and skirts to flaunt their curves and piercing really helps them to look more fashionable and draw attention towards their back.


Now, as they say fitting in is easy but the pain you take for it, makes you suffer in the end, so all the pretty women who are piercing are bearing pain of it. Every beautiful thing has its own pros and cons.  How? See-

  • As it is positioned at the back of the body it becomes difficult to take care of;
  • The location is so that it may be easily caught in a cloth which causes pain and high amount of discomfort;
  • It may even cause risk of infections in the body;
  • Due to constant body movement and their sensitive positioning they cause irritation;
  • If they are not done properly, recuperating from an injury can take a really long time;
  • Moreover, one needs to be very still while wearing and changing clothes lest they cause any damage or irritation.
    Now with modern piercing systems and microdermals, the issue has become less of a problem than it used to be.
    Our mind is mainly towards flaunting and presentation is everything to us. So, let us see how we take care of back dimples-
  • For best aftercare dimple piercing healing select body friendly materials.
  • Always wash your hands before touching the piercing. Dirt and germ can possibly cause irritation and give rise to infection in the area. Use the antibacterial mild soap while you are bathing. A stronger soap can be irritating to the just injured surface.
  • While the dimple piercing has not completely healed absolutely no swimming in open waters such as seas and rivers because there are plenty infections that can get into your fresh piercing such as viral, bacterial, or even parasitic infections.

Wash the fresh piercing with saline solution several times a day. Saline solution cleans the wounded area around the piercing hole and prevents bacterial and any cases of infection in the piercing. Mix two caps of salt into a glass of water. Use a soften cotton ball with this solution and gently clean the entire pierced area. Repeat this for a few minutes with new fresh cotton pads and let it to air dry. Do this at minimum twice daily.
So, all hot girls you can definitely smile now and go for back piercing.


You will find that a back dimple piercing is definitely going to make you look hotter and increase your being-cool-quotient. More Ideas for Back Dimple Piercing have compiled here: